Time had taken over: life’s value was now 12 pence and the VAT man still had to take his cut.  Disease was rampant and the bodies were piling-up, it was chaos outside and inside was no better.  I had been putting it off for far too long and I knew the time was fast approaching, there was no escaping it I would have to bite the bullet and get it over and done with, the toilet had to be cleaned.

It’s the school holidays so my time is occupied with looking after my children and working on client websites when I can find a spare minute hence my lack of uploads and post’s on here.  It’s sod’s law that as soon as my kids break up from school I get new websites to build and then as soon as they go back it will probably dry up.  Time is always sparse when you seem to need it the most.

Anyway, I’ve managed to edit and upload some pics from a holiday in Rhodes which you can view here.  Hope you enjoy!


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