Day Two

The generator finally failed last night and the food rations are nearly out.  We’ve explored around 5 miles of the local area and scavenged what we could but it’s no good, the buildings were empty and their inhabitants long gone.  It is time to face the facts: the howling in the distance is getting closer every night and winter is coming, we have to move on. – Sorry, just bulking up the post 😛

Well it’s day two of my work on the website and I have five gallery’s up.  It is a laborious task selecting, correcting and resizing the images as well as the upload and creation of the albums and pages and there are so many more images to go.  I suppose even if only my Mum looks at the site then it will have been worth it.

I plan to add my creations to the site as well – did I mention I do web and graphic design? Anyway, time to crack on.  Ta ta for now.


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